9 responses to “AOL’s news initiative: freelance friend or foe?”

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  2. Gretchen

    AOL blogs and “decent money” is in the eye of the beholder. I used to write for them and wouldn’t agree.

  3. John Soares

    Let’s hope AOL pays writers the $100 more often then not, but even that is not great pay.

    And I do think print newspapers are in big trouble. They will continue to lose readership as people get more and more news online.

  4. Dave Doolin

    Pay cuts are coming to everyone not working for the government.

    I’m over it.

  5. Stefanie

    While the concept does sound similar to a site like Demand Studios, I’m not going to make the leap and call Seed.com a “content mill” just yet. If the “$100 or more” a write can make on an article turns out to be true, it’ll certainly be a step up from the current $10-$15 article sites.

    1. Luisa

      I’m a journalism major, and all my internships are unpaid. I’m just starting to look for freelance work, besides the above mentioned sites, could you tell me of any other sites that pay minimum $10?

      Also do you know any freelance site where people send you questions and you can answer, more specifically and advice opining? even if it’s unpaid.
      I appreciate it.

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  8. Peter Townsend

    Seed.com is a huge waste of freelance writers time. This is how it really works. They put up an article, for example “Best iPhone Apps For Business” they then put a deadline, lets say 25 days, then they accept as many articles about that article until the deadline then choose the best to publish. This means a writer at the start could wait 5-7 days past that time to find out if their article is published or rejected, so over 1 months for a 25-150 dollar article. It takes less time to pitch an article and write it for a major publication sometimes! On top of it all they have the option to only pay rev share for your article if they choose, instead of the amount they offer to own the article. DS at least gets articles up fast, even if the top articles are 15 dollars a pop.