7 responses to “May Blogathon attracts 34 writers and counting”

  1. Jennifer Fink

    Thanks for setting this up, Michelle. I joined on FLX and have had a lot of fun already visiting the wide variety of blogs.


  2. Eric Mack

    Hi Michelle,

    Please sign me up! Sounds like great fun. Good to see so many FLXers on the list! I’ll be posting at:

    Wreckingballreport – wreckingballreport.com
    MountainDaddy – mountaindaddy.com
    SaveThatReceipt – savethatreceipt.com

    Eric Mack

  3. Doug Lance

    I want to join! 🙂 What is the next step?

  4. Jackie Dishner

    Thanks for this, Michelle. I can’t believe there are 34 of us on board! I’m missing a bunch of names. When you get your final list up, will you let me know? I’ll add in the stragglers on my blogroll at BIKE WITH JACKIE. For now, I only have 27 of the 29 in your original list at FLX. One I left off because it was just a Web site–no blog. The other was a bad link.

    Anyway, looking forward to posting once a day, every day in May. So far, I’m golden!

    All my best,

  5. Jessie F.


    You should post this as a project on VOIS.com, where there are a ton of freelance writers. This can used as a great marketing tool for you.


  6. Sir Buffalo Sushi

    Like the blog! I like the lay out. I’m working with Polka Dot Suitcase, but I have to admit, your blog’s nice.

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