One response to “Best of WordCount: Tips to improve your writing”

  1. Kirsten Ashenbrenner

    Greetings Vranizan,

    I have found found your “Best of WordCount: Tips to improve your writing” to be very informative and professional.

    I am a member of the website “The Writer’s Box”
    which is past the startup point and beginning to attain traction with author membership and their written word.

    There are writers of all caliber and many, I’m sure would appreciate “advice” from a professional such as yourself.

    I would personally like to invite you to participate in our writing world as a contributer of professional advice. If you do not have a lot of time to spare, and who does, you might think of something like a monthly or weekly post.

    You may set up your owm ‘group’ for advice to help beginning and intermediate authors. It is a nice opportunity if you enjoy teaching.

    Please consider my offer, no strings attacted, I am simply looking for additional ways of seeking advisory information for some authors at the site.

    Thank You for your time,
    ~Kirsten Ashenbrenner

    [email protected]