6 responses to “7 tips for turning down freelance work (the right way)”

  1. Jean Gogolin

    Good advice. My gut has never – repeat, never – let me down in 20 years of freelancing. The few times I’ve taken on work it warned me against I’ve been sorry. In most of those cases, it was because of the person I was working for rather than the work itself.

  2. Melissa Breau (@MelissaBreau)

    Thanks for the post Kate! As someone who is just reaching the point in her career where turning down projects is a reality, this was super helpful.

    – Melissa

  3. Kate

    So glad it was a help, Melissa – and just as glad to hear that you’re in that fortunate position! -Kate

  4. EP

    It’s really hard to say no sometimes. It goes against the grain for me – I always have to think about how I would have killed for jobs in the past for jobs I sometimes have to turn down now. I think your point about offering a referral is a good way to go. You save face and the no just doesn’t feel like a no because you’re still helping your client (ex-client?) get his or her project done.

  5. Tanisha Williams

    Thanks for the advice. It’s really hard to say no sometimes. It’s important not to over-commit to a job or jobs especially when you know you can’t take any more because of the bulk of work you have on your hands. Looking forward to your future posts!

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