7 responses to “The Pulitzer Prize and the Hungry Horse News”

  1. Diane Lockard

    I posted this on Linkedin, and on my Google Reader… Would it be feasible to connect on Linkedin?
    I was excited to find this blog when researching my family history. On the Road Again is a story of our family reunions throughout the years, from the first one in Bartlesville, OK, to the beaches in Yachats, OR. Our largest family reunion was at Flathead Lake with 40+ attendees; fortunately, our 90-year old aunt lived close, and was one of two surviving members of my father’s generation. Plus, her son and our cousin, Mel Ruder, and other multi generations. Three clips of the reunions, and a picture are published in Reunions’ magazines, thanks to Editor, Edith Wagner.

  2. Tom Lawrence

    You made a wise choice to bring Mel Ruder to the attention of writers and readers. Mel was a humble man who worked very hard to serve his community and produce a high-quality newspaper.
    He started out with very little, but died a Pulitzer Prize winner who was revered across the state, a financially successful man who had quietly given away piles of cash to assist education and reading.
    I wrote the text for “Pictures, a Park and a “Pulitzer,” and was so lucky to know and work with Mel.
    People who write and edit, and most of all shoot photos, should try to come anywhere close to Mel and attempt to aspire to his heights as an editor. If we do, we will find ourselves atop a very high peak, just like the ones in his beloved Glacier National Park.

  3. EP

    More power to him! I love stories like that. Good old fashioned hard work and diligence.

  4. matt epperson

    i too was fortunate enough to work in this realm of the Hungry Horse News weekly newspaper that Mr. Ruder had created. I knew Tom Lawrence as well as he was around part of the time i was. Northwest Montana is a very unusual different kind of a world compared to the rest of the country if you are from elsewhere. It is like stepping back in time 50 years or so. Nothing wrong with that just unusual.

    I worked for this paper and other sister paper weeklies in the area for some 11 years as advertising production manager. As the Hungry Horse has changed ownership more than once and multiple other city weeklies have been added to the chain from surrounding towns/cities. I learned much here, matured and enjoyed it.

    Unfortunately advertising for the (all) papers has become worse resulting in my layoff. i currently am working in the thriving gloss magazine industry in southeast FL.

    Matt Epperson