4 responses to “Should I let a group reprint my blog posts to help promote my e-book?”

  1. Lee J Tyler

    As always, great advice. I would just add that no article that is included in whole or part in your ebook be reprinted as that may soil deals down the road. You never know and you want to keep your options open. Best to you.

  2. Marc Murphy

    Hi, it’s a good idea to get the biggest bang for your buck by reusing content. A newsletter reprint (free or paid) is a good way to get some exposure.

    Be careful about reprinting content online. Google values unique content that can only be found in one place. You could hurt your search engine rankings if your website content is found all over the place. At least try to change it up if you are going to put it on other websites.

    One good use for old blog posts is creating an ebook. Put your blog posts together in ebook format and offer it for free in order to build a mailing list!

    I wrote up a long list of ways to promote a book online on my blog:

    1. Marc Murphy

      Oops, that link I posted was about how to use Twitter to promote a product. The list of other promotional ideas is here: