4 responses to “6 Ways to Defend Your Blog Copyright”

  1. Van Waffle

    I like how you ended the post. I was just beginning to wonder, “Should I worry so much?” when I reached the last point. Not long ago I decided to open up the use restrictions on my Flickr photos. Still, it’s good to know how to handle tricky situations.

  2. Yael's Variety Hour: Science, News, Commentary & More - Yael Writes

    […] Six Ways To Defend Your Blog Copyright. Great tips from Ron Doyle. Be Sociable, Share! TweetRelated posts: […]

  3. Alison

    Thanks for the tips Ron. I’m always looking for more ways to safeguard my content and be aware of people looking to scam copy. Your tips are straightforward and simple, and I’m excited to use them.

  4. Megan

    can I use the first photo for my blog?please..:)