4 responses to “Van Waffle: The WordCount Blogathon helped launch my freelance career”

  1. Jon Bell

    Great post! I, too, had some great results from doing the Blogathon in 2011. That was the year my first book was published. (On Mount Hood) It happened the first week of June, so I did the Blogathon in the month leading up to it to build content, create buzz, and generate lots of new content for the site accompanying the book. (http://onmounthood.com) It really got my site off to a great start, and just this week my site views topped 20,000. Even though I had to bail about halfway through last year, I’ll be giving it a go again this year!

    1. Van Waffle

      That looks like an interesting book, Jon. Good luck with the Blogathon this year. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

  2. Dani

    Love this article. I’m sponsoring the competition this year and am so excited to also write my butt off!