15 responses to “Be calm and carry on: Conquer your fear of attending your first blogging or writing event”

  1. Carolin

    Some great advice, Helen. I still remember my first blogging conference. Despite having chatted to people online for a year or so, I was terribly nervous about meeting them in flesh. I was overwhelmed at first, but I agree with you. If you attend sessions and just ask people about their blogs and experiences with blogging, it’s easier to get chatting and feel more comfortable in your own skin. Would love to read more articles like this x

  2. Sandy Calico

    Great post. I would add that you should remember everyone else is as nervous as you. At my first blog event I was excited to meet people I had already connected with online. I recently went to another event where I didn’t know many people. I smiled at the person standing or sitting next to me and said hello. I then made some new friends. Don’t let fear stop you going to an event. Most people feel the same as you.

    1. Helen

      That’s so true Sandy – when I was doing my research for this article, a blogger was surprised to hear me say that even the people you think are big and important are usually feeling nervous too!

  3. Sarah Pylas

    Hi there, I remember my first blogging conference – Cybermummy. I went with another new blogger I had ‘met’ online but then followed up with a face to face before the event and we walked around together. It was completely overwhelming and I felt like such a fraud amongst all those established bloggers. However, I did not have the same fears the following year as I knew so many more people by that time. The trick is to buddy up with another newbie, and not be afraid to join a table full of other bloggers – chances are they are just meeting each other for the first time as well.

  4. Stacey

    Although I won’t be attending any blogging conferences this year, I found this post extremely helpful.

    When you’re relatively new to blogging as I am, it’s great to know that these big scary meet-ups, aren’t actually as scary as they first appear to be. I’ll be baring this in mind, if I ever do take the plunge!

  5. Cat (Yellow Days)

    Some great tips Helen! I think we have to keep reminding ourselves that these things are never as bad as we think they are going to be and they represent such a great opportunity to develop our blogs/writing that it would be a shame to miss them because of nerves.

  6. Sonya Cisco

    Some great suggestions which I will definitely come back before attending my first conference this summer!

  7. older mum in a muddle

    Really great tips Helen. I remember when I attended my first event – Brit Mums – last year, and I met up with some other bloggers in a cafe before hand – and that really helped. I was still nervous meeting people for the first time, but as it turns out, everyone was very friendly!

  8. Jayne

    Great post – I’ve been to several blogging and PR events and still get nervous. I’ll be attending BritMums this year and stating overnight in London for the first time so I’ll be bookmarking this post to read nearer the time!

  9. Mummy whisperer

    Great post Helen.
    A roomful of opinionated, mildly over excited & hysterical bloggers is pretty terrifying.

    I do the old ‘fake it til you make it’ thing – pretend I’m confident & sure that someone somewhere will want to talk to me!

    Otherwise I tend to walk around like a rabbit caught in the headlights & wouldn’t notice a friendly person if they bashed me over the head.

  10. Helen

    I’m with Anna! I’d love to go to a bloggers’ conference but feel totally inferior to the clever people I know would be there. Totally irrational, I know. Great tips though. I would think again about being too wimpy to go!

    1. Helen

      Helen, knowing your blog, and you a little, I would say if you want to go, go for it! You would fit right in – everyone there is very much alike, as Anya says below. And the well-known, well-seasoned characters there often feel just as insecure as you, they just won’t show it!

  11. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    What a lovely post. I advocate the belief that ‘Nobody is a Nobody’ at these conferences and it’s hard to believe that as a first timer, but it’s true. Buddying up with someone else and sticking together can make it all much less of an ordeal. Most people are super friendly and quite strong personalities. You’ll always click with someone and the strength of connections made at the smallest events can stand you in really good stead. They’re a great place to start.

  12. Damson Lane

    I have found myself nodding throughout this post! I was very nervous about my first blogging conference but the majority of people that I met were friendly, keen to share experience and chat so I had nothing to worry about.

  13. Lisa Nichols

    I went to my first event last year and agree that everyone was extremely friendly and very aware that some folks may be less confident. At the end of the day, we’re all just Mums who blog. Plenty in common x