2 responses to “You can have it all: Making a life as a writer and mom”

  1. Cathie Ericson

    Fantastic article, and I agree with all of it. My clients have NO idea how chaotic my house sometimes is…the beauty of email vs. phone communication!

    I would add two things that work for me:

    — Multitask. When all three of boys played baseball one spring, I would take my laptop to the field. If you’ve watched a 7 yo play baseball, you know the action is few and far between. To be at the field for 12+ hours/week and keep my sanity (and job!) I would do rough drafts, etc., while there. Ditto hockey practices these days.

    — Take advantage of the flexibility. I am sure all work at home parents do this, but I will take a break to take one of my kids to lunch, go on a hike in the summer, etc.

    Oh, one bonus! I know people talk about quality/quantity time. I am a believer in both. My kids like to hang on the couch in the morning, so I sit right there with them, catching up on my social media, LinkedIn groups and blogs. It’s my favorite part of not rushing off to an office!