3 responses to “Why and how to blog a book: From aspiring to published author”

  1. Daphne Gray-Grant

    Congratulations, Nina! I’m glad to hear you have a book. I agree with everything you’ve said but I’d just add one proviso: Don’t expect to see results quickly. It takes a long time to build a platform. This is a project of several YEARS of work, not days or months! That doesn’t make it a bad idea — just an idea requiring more patience. Good for you for displaying it.

  2. robert a. williams

    I was under the impression a BLOG was an avenue to advertise and promote my book. My novel is already written and published. It is in e-book format at present and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In subsequent weeks it will be available on Apple.

    Is my interpretation of a blog correct? Please respond.