17 responses to “Top 10 qualities of a good editor”

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  2. Paula Berinstein

    I love these, Michelle. I might add “Fights for higher pay for writers.”

  3. Susan Johnston

    Very true. I would add that a truly great editor sets realistic expectations. If she approaches you on the Friday before a three day weekend, then it will be tough to find sources for interviews that afternoon (funny how that works, isn’t it?) and she should give you a reasonable deadline that allows for that. She should also respect your time off and understand that even freelancers need a vacation every once in a while.

  4. Michelle Rafter

    Great points Paula and Susan, thanks.

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  7. Asare-Bediako Christian

    can an editor have other qualities as an eye for detailed person because he needs to be careful in the editorial works he will be doing

  8. Prakash

    A good editor does not allow her likes and dislikes to come in the way of editing i. e. she remains unbiased.
    A good editor helps the writer to bring writer’s story to life on the page. She must not interfere in the story or the plot. For example, I wrote a story about an Irish man and approached an editor. Her first comment was ‘I hate Irishmen. Why don’t you write about Indians?’ Her job should have been to guide me to write what I wrote to make it sound authentic.
    In my experience some female editors (most editors are female by the way) are also fanatic feminists. They are too hard on you just because you happen to be male.

  9. odogwu jennifer chinelo

    editorial work is a huge task in its self.Am a writer my self and young at it.Though ,in couple of weeks to come i will be an editor.My point here is that editors should try to give their work their best so that credible outcomes will be to the maximum.I also use this medium to commend those who are always at their very point of duty.

  10. Paula H

    You just described some of my favorite editors, Michelle. When an editor possesses the qualities you mentioned, work feels more like a collaboration and less like, well…work.

  11. Ruth

    I would add that they help their writers improve their craft, a mutual benefit for the publication and the writers. Also I would add to “is organized” that they understand how their payroll works and have an editorial calendar.

  12. Odianjo onyebuchi

    Editors are the voice of a print organization and an organisation without an editor should be considered as a man without a back bone.

  13. CEPHAS

    congratulation for a good explanation

  14. Caitlin Kelly

    All true. I would also add a good editor makes sure your invoices are processed promptly and your payment is not delayed. Too many editors on salary don’t seem to understand that we write for a living, not hobby income. Cashflow is crucial to us, just as it is for them.

  15. nazia

    great point about editorial