12 responses to “5 quick tips writers can use to avoid procrastinating”

  1. Carrie Schmeck

    I take a nap. Seriously. Structure falls into place.

  2. susie klein

    That app sounds horrible, I would be a mess with a ticking time-bomb like that! Treats work well for me, just like they do for my dog.

  3. Barbara McDowell Whitt

    I have always wanted to post the nightly entry from the diaries I kept 50 years ago. My diary blog is my retirement project. I get my writing practice in when I create comments on other people’s blogs. That is motivational for working my way through my inbox.

  4. Pamela Toler

    Personally, I love Write or Die for a rough first draft. It helps me turn off my inner editor and let the rough ideas flow out uncensored.

  5. Jane Again

    I sleep on it too: I make a point of thinking about it before I fall asleep, and generally the problem is solved in the morning. This works for all sorts of things for me, not just writing.

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  7. Sabriel

    Oh, it’s not that bad! You should give it a try, because the browser version is free. Put it on the lowest settings and it’s really quite sedate.

    MY problem is that it seems to have disappeared from the App Store. I’d like to buy it, but I can’t find it. :-/

  8. Quint

    Write or Die is actually quite useful, I’ve found. I’ve doubled my productivity since I started using it. Treating myself just doesn’t have the same effect.

  9. Humpstace Hortion

    There’s also Scrawl (http://www.finaldeadline.co.uk/scrawl.html) which is quite similar to Write or Die.

    It’s a web app, and it’s free (well, the site is donation-supported.)