7 responses to “Dear WordCount: How do I create a post-SAHM freelance resume?”

  1. Holly

    I am not in this situation but I have also heard to show how you have kept up with the industry over time. Maybe by reading, going to events or doing personal writing such as blogging. I think the key is showing you have stayed connected — not fallen out of the loop completely.

    I also agree volunteer work is a great filler!

  2. Julie Phelps

    Michelle, you continue posting useful and quality advice that seem to hit all the right spots. I feel like I am the Bullseye to the arrow of your words.
    While I have not commented before, I have shared links to your posts several times each week.
    For the sake of good Karma, I am now posting something here.
    Your advice for resuming a career as a Freelancer is solid stuff! It makes great sense, and seems obvious after reading it.
    I am following your advice.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Daphne Gray-Grant

    I really like the idea of explaining in the cover letter but I strongly advise against using the word “although” which sounds negative. Instead, I’d just delete it and say something like: “While I was focusing on my children, I continued to continued to follow XYZ issues and filed as many stories about it as possible; here are several clips of my most recent work.” Always stay positive — you don’t want your potential employer sucking up any negative vibes!!

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