4 responses to “Reading list for April 27: ASJA writers conference, and more”

  1. Laura

    The list from Freelance Writing Jobs is 2 years old.

  2. Van Waffle

    I looked over the “15 Newsroom Tools” and went as far as subscribing to Wavii to discover it only offers preselected subjects, mostly celebreties, politicians and companies, nothing topical. There is no search function. It streams through your Facebook feed, another negative, because I only go there when I want to be distracted by my friends. So I immediately removed the app. I’ll stick with Google Reader.

    On the other hand, I think I am in love with LiveScribe and the SmartPen. This looks like a valuable tool for researching, especially conducting interviews. You can make a few brief notes while the pen records an entire audio session. Just point to a place in your notes and the pen replays the associated section. You hardly need to transcribe. The reviews indicate it is better than iPad for this kind of function. I’d like to hear comments or criticism from anyone who has used a digitial pen.