2 responses to “3/02/2012 recommended reading for writers: McSweeney’s, About.com, the art of the link”

  1. R. Honey

    Basically I am a involuntarily laid off,apparently unemployable 60 year old. I do not want another career. Just a “cloik ya gotta woik” kinda job in a medical office setting. I got a certificate from Jr. college for medical secretarial studies. I have worked at a large university hospital and spent almost 20 years as a medical claim analyst. Using all medical codes and terminology,interfacing with insureds,doctors and hospitals. ALL companies have their own internal computer systems and I have usually mastered those by day 2 of my employment. So although I have no experience in a doctor’s office at $10 and hour these jobs do not require a Mensa type brain. So how do I get noticed with my resume? Also I really do look ten years younger. If only I did not have to show my driver’s license upon entering the door. Secret age discrimination! I have even thought of getting my college age daughter to get me a fake ID showing my birthday as 12 years younger! Help!