3 responses to “Dear WordCount: What should I charge for copywriting work?”

  1. Jen McGahan

    Thanks for these tips, Michelle. I’m also in the process of creating better standards for my bids. It’s difficult in the beginning before getting a handle on the scope of a new project, so these considerations (esp. turnaround time and WHO edits) are valuable.

    Another issue I’ve found with certain clients: frequent phone calls can tear up your bottom line if the client enjoys excessively discussing the projects. I wish there were a way to predict that variable. Any suggestions?

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  3. Omer Nolan

    Michelle, Thank you for posting this. I have the hardest time pricing out my projects because every market is different (and there is so many of them – ugh). Adding the 50% is something that everybody should do and unfortunately to their disadvantage they don’t.

    Thanks for posting this. Love your blog!!