5 responses to “Recommended reading for writers for June 10: content curation”

  1. Joe Cardillo

    Thanks for mentioning #curationchat! Just for the record, I’m not representing @PRNewswire in any official capacity, just a professional interest of my own ­čÖé

    On a different note, I use & like Pearltrees frequently, nice change from the frustrations of “vertical bookmarking” where you have to sift through lists and folders. Eqentia is another interesting platform, cross of curation and search engine…I believe founder @wmougayar calls it “serendipitous discovery.”

  2. Veronica

    I don’t use any myself yet but I do read two people’s paper.li. One I find very interesting and the other I stopped looking at after the third tweet.

  3. Oliver Starr

    Michelle, thanks for listing Pearltrees (and Joe, thanks for your kind words as well).

    We hope you continue to find it of value both for your own “web-memory” as well as a source of interesting material on topics you follow as well as for your various publications.

    We’ve also just launched a new “hypershare” feature that basically allows you to do with Pearltrees and crowd-sourced content what Guy Kawasaki does with paid staff…

    If you — or any of your readers or followers would like details on how it works, you can find me @owstarr or [email protected]

  4. Alex Gagnon

    I use Keepstream.com, Trove.com too, and web filters like Zite.com, Parse.ly, Topikality.com, or curation tools / networks like The Shared Web.