6 responses to “Guest post: Revisiting ‘A Room of One’s Own’”

  1. Ricki

    Thanks for the insights, Nava–so many famous writers have struggled with this issue, including one of Canada’s most famous exports, short story writer Alice Munro (who devoted an entire story, “The Office,” to the notion). I have moved in the opposite direction from you, it seems–give me total silence in my own office, or give me a botched piece of writing!

  2. Ash

    My body craves peace on a cellular level, but with two small children, it’s a rarity. I have to be alone, hiding at my desk in my closet, before I even dare try to write more than a sentence on a random post-it.

    I imagine come next fall when my youngest starts kindergarten I’ll probably need a little background noise in order to not miss him too much, but for now it’s early morning, hidden away writing before the rest of the family greets the day. Silence rules.

  3. Robyn

    I know a woman, a freelance writer, who is living with her adult daughter and family. With toddlers underfoot, and limited living space, this woman decided to go outside the box. She rents a 4X6 storage unit in a climate controlled building. The manager built a desk in there out of scrap lumbar and arranged for electricity for lights and a fax/copy machine. This is now her official “office”.

  4. Jan Udlock

    Hi Michelle,

    What an inspirational book! Thanks for sharing.