9 responses to “2010 WordCount Blogathon haiku extravaganza”

  1. Babette

    You, me, Jackie–we’ve all done coffee. HA!

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  3. Jackie Dishner

    But I didn’t do coffee, Barb. I just used Michelle’s as a reference before I wrote mine about my drowning grass. I do need coffee in the AM, though. I’ve tried going without before. It’s pretty slugglish when that happens.

    But here’s one on coffee:

    Grinding the beans now
    The sound scares my dog away
    Coffee to myself

  4. anjuli

    loved it!!! Made me want to go and get a cup of coffee to sip on while reading through the rest of the blogs!!

    Thanks for making all of this possible.

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  9. Shelley Clunie

    Somehow I didn’t get notified about the Haiku or favorite blog.

    Here’s my poem: Blossoms on the grass
    Dandelions and mushrooms
    It’s spring, no more snow!

    OK, I think my post on symbols is a well done post.