12 responses to “Introducing InsideEdge, from American Express, Federated Media, and me”

  1. Susan Weiner

    Congratulations, Michelle!

  2. Sara

    Nice work, Michelle. And thanks for the info on custom publications. Although I understand the concept, I hadn’t thought about it from the online publishing perspective.

  3. Holly Tucker

    This is fantastic, Michelle! Great looking site and we know, since you’re involved, the content is fabulous!

    Holly Tucker

  4. Carroll Lachnit

    Wow! Now that’s a custom content site! Very clean & attractive. I haven’t read any stories yet (I know they’ll be GREAT), but at a glance, the topics and presentation are very user-friendly.

  5. Bernard Lunn

    Michelle, InsideEdge looks great. Custom publishing online is a big trend, but it is not usually done so well. Bernard

  6. Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Michelle, I’m just now seeing this but wanted to offer my better late than never congratulations!!

  7. Jim

    Hi Michelle,

    Nice work.

    Don’t forget about o2kl who also worked on the site, inlcuding the name, logo, overall design and navigation!


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