7 responses to “Matt Mullenweg loves WordPress”

  1. Verso

    On the one-click upgrade: This did not used to be true, and now you have an option to click the ‘upgrade now’ button, wait a minute or two, and WordPress is at the latest version. As if by magic!

    I think the time spent on it was because this didn’t used to be the way you did it, and adding a plugin or a theme used to be a lot harder too. I don’t remember when it changed, but it is recent and WONDERFUL.

  2. Adam Ware

    Great post Michelle. I commented a bit on Matt’s talk on our blog: http://www.swellpath.com/2009/09/takeaways-from-wordcamp-portland/

    I was so impressed with Matt and that session. What an amazing guy, and what a contribution he has made to the web.

  3. Owen

    Michelle – the one click upgrade is great but even better is the one click add a new plugin and add a new theme.

    For those who can’t afford designers etc. I highly recommend a theme called atahualpa – it is customizable without knowing html or CSS. (Although it is still quite a lot of reading to understand all the options). I just started moving my publishing site to it today and expect to have it done by Monday.

    There are a whole host of plugins that are really useful for various reasons as well

  4. lvidmar

    Great post, and thanks for the pingback! 🙂