3 responses to “Tweet me a pitch & other social media tips for PR reps”

  1. Susan

    @Michelle: this is a great list! Another pet peeve of mine is when someone who isn’t even offering a source emails me via HARO and says, “that sounds like a great article! Could you send it to me when it comes out?” Flattering, but I cannot spend the time being a human clipping service for someone who isn’t even involved with the article. Sorry.

    Also, here’s how I handle HARO. I have a standard response I use that basically says, “thanks for the info! I’ll be in touch if I need to schedule an interview.” Sometimes I’ll have HARO users respond to a separate email address that has that message as an autoresponse, too. That way the source or PR person has confirmation that I got their stuff, but I don’t have to explain why I couldn’t/didn’t use their source. And if another source falls through, the door is still open for me to get in touch with others.

  2. Michelle Rafter

    Susan: I love the idea of creating a separate HARO email address or even just a separate email folder then creating a rule in Outlook that sends the replies there. And creating an auto-reply to alert PR agencies who respond that you got the message is pure genius. Thanks for the suggestion, I’m definitely doing this the next time I need to do a HARO request.


  3. Polly Traylor

    Hi Michelle
    Good list. The only remark I’ll make, having now worked on both sides of the fence more recently doing some PR work, is that some reporters are chatty and ok to hear from PR when they are not on deadline. You just have to be respectful (do you have a quick moment?) and get your (hopefully valid and newsworthy) message across in 30 seconds. I do ask reporters if they are interested in covering said topic/beat in the next 3-6 months. If the answer is no or never, I then know to leave them alone….PR is a necessary evil yet there are good ones who provide value in an unobtrusive manner! (even via phone) I will say that some reporters can be very rude. I never was, and don’t see the need unless the person on the phone is an idiot. If you are on deadline and dont recognize the #, don’t pick up! Otherwise, a polite, “I don’t take phone pitches, but thanks…” Or “call me back Friday afternoon” (only if you mean it though) is a great way to end the call.