25 responses to “Who's who in digital media – 25 trendsetters you need to know”

  1. Tracy from West Seattle Blog

    Thanks for the link. We’re on Twitter as @westseattleblog with a human-powered account (high volume sometimes, watch out), @westseattlenews with automated links to our articles, @wsblive when there’s something to tweet about frequently as it happens (political candidates’ forum, for example). Facebook as WS Blog.

  2. Tricia

    Holy cow. With the exception of Tina and Arianna, they’re all men. Ladies, represent!

  3. viewfromtherail

    You ought to list Craig Kanalley (@ckanal on Twitter, can also find him on Facebook and LinkedIn). He’s the founder of Breaking Tweets, an agregator that is revolutionizing the way journalists use Twitter as a part of their reporting. The site is getting international attention and visits from many major media outlets. Check it out at http://www.breakinstweets.com or @breakingtweets on Twitter. The site is continuing to expand through the use of niche sites; surrently, it puts out a Sports and an Entertainment website.
    Craig is a journalism graduate student at DePaul University and was recently named one of the top 100 student journalists in the country by UWire.

  4. H

    Wow, great list! I’m a writer, author, journalist and ghostwriter, hoping to blaze a trail with my website http://www.helengrant.co.uk and opportunity blog http://www.famebrain.com. My stats are pretty good, but there’s always room for improvement, so any tips kindly pass them my way!


  5. powerfulmothers

    So, these are the social media hero’s. Love it. Wow, ‘trail blazer’? Ok, ladies I am jumping in. I am a woman and am doing some trailblazing of my own in social media marketing.


  6. pinnaclepursuits

    Great List Michelle – social media has become so important in today’s digital age.

  7. untiedmag

    Jonathan Jarvis

  8. creeping

    what trends are being set by some of these folks?

  9. Rita Zamora

    Hi Michelle, in response to the “Ladies, represent!” comment:>) I’d like to nominate Alexandria Brown for your list. Ali began teaching about ezines in the late 90’s when many people didn’t even know what an ezine was… Today, she is “CEO of Alexandria Brown International Inc., a multimillion dollar company…”

    Ali is a leader in online marketing and information marketing formulas, and according to her website, “has over 30,000 subscribers around the world, and she currently has more than 800 solo-entrepreneurs enrolled in her high-energy coaching programs. Her Twitter following is over 5,000, and I’m certain her Facebook following is similar…

    I’ve found Ali’s content to be well worth the investments. Most importantly, she continues to evolve (digitally and otherwise), grow and succeed- definitely a digital trend-setter.

  10. Andrea

    Linda Braun – digital media in education & libraries

  11. Dr. Mike Wendell

    In additional to being mostly male, they’re also mostly, if not all, white. That’s pretty sad.

    You may want to check over your list as well. There’s at least one known racist as well on that list.

  12. trishsmithbpr

    This is a very interesting list, and I will certainly be looking into some of the folks you have mentioned. I am currently taking a social media course for my Masters of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will be sure to share this posting with my classmates!

  13. Con Frantzeskos

    I would have thought Steve Rubel: http://www.micropersuasions.com would have made it onto the list?

    Kudos for putting fellow Melburnian Darren Rowse onto the list – the only non-American to make it.

  14. Carla Johnson

    Hello Michelle,

    Interesting list and quite the mix.

    Someone that deserves to be considered is Danny Brown. He’s one of the most engaging people around and lives and breathes social media. Funnily enough, Chris Brogan recommended Danny as “One To Watch in 2009” (which is how I found him).

    He also uses social media for good with his 12for12k project, leading the way for how non-profits can use the space.

    Worth checking for any social media list.





  15. Jay Bryant


    I would add to your list Dave Winer – Who developed RSS and has been blogging since the start of time at http://www.scripting.com

    Val Cohen pointed me at Winer’s writing & views back in the 90s.

  16. Tricia

    The standout female digital trendsetters I know of are the women behind BlogHer, Mom 2.0, and Kirtsy. Sure, you could call mommyblogging (yucky, but unavoidable word) a ghetto. You could also call it a powerful, growing segment of the online world.

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  19. writingprincess

    Hey Michelle you forgot me! Well, I’m not surprised since I’m a legend in my own mind right now. But not for long. I’m determined to bring nonfiction literary style online. I do not want online journalism to be the death knell of well told stories – stories as quick as instant but as flavorful as Ethiopian coffee. When you find some hip me to them!

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