7 responses to “Dear writer, please don't stop blogging”

  1. Joanne Mason

    Great post!

    I go back and forth on blogging. I like the idea, but every time I’ve started, I get frustrated, stop enjoying it, and take the blog down. Part of me thinks that this might be because I’m selecting the wrong topic. But it seems like there are so many similar blogs out there – how do you differentiate yourself, topic-wise?

  2. Walter L. Johnson II

    I’ve become a veteran of sorts in the blogging world. No, it hasn’t always been easy, but if you do it long enough, you’ll eventually learn a lot of skills that will be vital in this digital age. Any other thoughts?

  3. Monica Shaw

    Great post. My blog (smarterfitter.com) is a labor of love. I love it because I can write whatever I want, however I want. It’s such a relief, especially after writing for clients all day. 🙂

  4. Kerry Dexter

    I gave some thought as to how to establish focus, too. My field is a rather small niche anyway — folk, Irish, and Scots music — but I also decided to include material about creative practice and thoughts about being a musician, for several of the reasons you’ve noted above. The mix of that with reviews, reported stories, and photo essays has helped Music Road convey a distinct voice and presence, and also led to some good links.

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