4 responses to “Expert blogger tips: revisiting old posts, previewing new ones”

  1. Tac Anderson

    Thanks for the mention Michelle. I actually have more than two blogs but we won’t go into how big of a geek I actually am.

    I’m also a big fan of the preview button. Even still I end up changing my post 2-3 times immediately after posting.

    It’s like they say; good writing’s never done.

  2. Michelle Rafter

    I have a hard enough time keeping up with one, I can’t imagine having more than two. And like I said, I am a preview-aholic. I probably look at a blog post five or six times or more before publishing it. It never even occurred to me that some bloggers don’t use it at all.

    Michelle R.

  3. mittenz

    For someone new to blogging, it’s great to hear this from experts. I have only posted these past three days and do re-read things making a slight change here and there. I also agree with the two commenters, switching between previewing and re-reads/editing.

    Kind regards,
    Dr. O’Mittenz

  4. Michelle Rafter

    Dr. O: Welcome to the blogosphere. Proofing posts before publishing is indeed a good idea, if only to make sure that whatever HTML coding you’ve included works.

    Michelle R.