4 responses to “It pays freelancers to find wiggle room in exclusivity clauses”

  1. Nancy Mann Jackson

    Great post, Michelle. You’re exactly right – category exclusivity can seem unfair at times, but writers can also use it to their advantage (to develop long-term, lucrative relationships with publications). Thanks for your insight!

  2. David Garcia

    I especially like this: “I’m not going to agree to limit what I can blog about for anybody.”

    That’s important because your blogging doesn’t hurt any publication, and it builds your credibility, something they should want.

  3. Michelle Rafter

    Thanks Nancy. I’d love to hear the next time you’re able to negotiate some wiggle room – the more examples of this we can show other freelancers, the better off we’ll all be.


  4. Michelle Rafter

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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