11 responses to “How freelancers can break into content marketing writing”

  1. Jen Harris

    Interesting post….I’m another of those who didn’t know exactly what content marketing involves. Looks like something to look into.

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      I’m so glad you liked the post. Please be sure to stop by the blog if you have any questions as you are looking into content marketing.

  2. Michelle

    Very interesting information – I’m looking forward to learning more. Going to set up a hashtag for content marketing right now! Thank you!

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      Wonderful! There is great information on the content marketing hashtag! I’m glad you found the post informative.

  3. Gail Sideman

    Thank you for great information as I consider other ways to make a difference with my skills.

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      I’m so glad you found it informative. Let me know if you have any specific questions as you consider content marketing. Be sure to check out my blog for more information about content marketing writing.

  4. Tara Lynne Groth

    I have a had a similar experience! I wanted to be a full-time magazine journalist, but the same time and energy I put into content creation, curation, and marketing delivers 3-4 times more financially. Since content writing is so lucrative, when I do write for magazines now I pick and choose markets for fun instead of for money.

  5. Jennifer Gregory

    Tara, That’s great to hear that you have found the same thing in terms of money in content marketing writing. I do the same thing about writing for magazines only when I benefit – either because I enjoy it or it gives me clips in a new industry that I can use for more content marketing clients.

  6. George Corner

    I have provided a limited amount of web content (SEO) for several sites,
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    No doubt like many others I am seeking a reasonably regular outlet for blog/SEO content writing.
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    I have a portfolio of work undertaken plus other content to be exploited.

  7. George Corner

    Just set me free. Nobody will be disappointed!

  8. Lynn

    Wow! Such a useful article. So far, I’ve only read the subheads and a few paragraphs and I’ve already learned something, AND I have a few ideas for my niche. You must be a good writer if you can convey that much info in a way that is factual and quick to grasp. Thanks for the post.