3 responses to “Side projects, overcoming rejection, email newsletter tips, and more”

  1. Susan Johnston

    I actually agree with the WSJ piece on favoriting. I’ve seen a lot more people favoriting instead of RTing (or in some cases doing both) and I think this makes a lot of sense. A favorite is a good way to bookmark a tweet for later and it’s like giving the original tweeter a thumbs up even if you don’t have anything specific to add in an @ mention or RT.

  2. Zena Shapter

    47 times?!! Wow – that just goes to show that perseverance really does matter.

    To help other writers overcome rejection during their writing journey, I’ve just written 20 tips on handling rejection. I hope they help someone!


  3. Abel

    Thanks for these tips. I have actually gained new perspective on several things reading this blog post. Thanks for sharing!