5 responses to “Why every blog post needs an email subscription opt-in box”

  1. Jennifer Kennedy

    I’ve downloaded Magic Action Box and just love it. I wasn’t able to easily find a way to make the Aweber box horizontal, and this plugin did exactly what I needed.

    I’ve added an opt-in box beneath my posts, in the side bar, and in the header area. I like to keep track of which one gets the most subscriptions.

    I think I’ll try to do the split testing as you suggested, which is something I haven’t done before! Thanks!

  2. Word Counter

    The valuable things here is that those who agree to give away their email address are ones who interested to read the email from the site. They’re potential customers


    Hey Jeremy thanks for insights into the importance of the email box. Never really thought about its importance so your article gave me a lot of new ideas. Right now I only have it on the side of my blog. Not sure wordpress.com has the ability to add it below the article too. I will be checking out my options for my blog and my website so thanks.

  4. Paul

    Hi there, thanks for sharing such awesome content and nice blog by the way. I agree, over using an email list is a big mistake. I’ll be sure to keep these tips in mind, Keep up the great work! Look forward to more posts.

  5. Maria Galloway

    Hey Jeremy,
    Great post and I appreciate your information given in it! Whatever kind of blog or article, to have an email opt-in box is crucial as you state above also! The software you’re talking about is excellent.
    Thanks for your information and look forward to more posts!