12 responses to “Is it time to kill your blog’s RSS feed?”

  1. Holly

    You mention folks wandering aimlessly on social media sites and saving items they want to read later. Yet there seems to be no explanation here as to how someone is to read a blog regularly and not miss content. I am not going to subscribe to every blog I read by email. I don’t want that many emails and I’m not sure who would.

    RSS feeds are an improvement over what we were doing… bookmarking a site and going to it daily to see if something new appeared.

    Side Note: If someone asks me to click over from the RSS feed I stop reading them. I know a lot of other bloggers who feel the same.

    1. Michelle V. Rafter

      One option is to use an app like Flipboard – you can add a blog to your Flipboard account so when you use Flipboard it’s there for you to read or skip depending on what you feel like reading that day.


  2. Julie Phelps

    The reason for killing Google Reader makes more sense to me now, so thanks for provoking my brain….Er, … for the thought-provoking article.

  3. Actually Mummy...

    Such a great post! I’m using Feedly simply to read blog posts – because I’m a blogger, and because if they’re in my inbox I delete them because I have so many emails. With Feedly I can just go in when I have a spare hour to read, so I find it convenient. But the population at large probably never would use it – far more useful for them to have only the option to subscribe to emails. Shall definitely scrub my RSS icon off the blog!

  4. Ruth Kraut

    Now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’m enjoying feedly. I would never put all those blogs and alerts in my email! That would be completely overwhelming. It’s not clear to me what advantage a Google Currents or Pulse would give me.

    I also don’t have time to explore and set up lots of cutting edge technology.

    Maybe it’s because I have somewhat of a “niche” blog, but based on feedburner statistics it appears about 1/3 of my readership is using feeds. Since I’m not trying to make money off of ads, I don’t need to drive people to my blog by only putting half the post in the feed. I am just happy that people are reading what I write! And they know how to find me if they have questions…

  5. Lynndee

    Your article made my heart sink lower than the day I got the notice that Google Reader was going bye-bye.

    I don’t know that I could live without RSS. I’m on Feedly now and I love it. I personally think it’s genius. I’m subscribed to over 200 feeds and there is absolutely no way I would ever dream of going to each of those sites individually every day. It would be a time consuming nightmare! Likewise, I refuse to subscribe to anything via email because that’s reserved for correspondence and it get’s messy enough with only that.

    I like having everything aggregated into one place so I can get to it quickly and easily. With feeds I can skim through an entire day or weeks worth of new content, skip the boring stuff and get straight to reading what I think is interesting. I can devour an insane amount of content that way- fast! Not to mention RSS keeps everything neatly organized by topic.

    I’m no wuss to be scared off by a high unread thread count. I can defeat it with a single click when I’ve read my fill. I also don’t need someone else to screen my content and tell me what’s interesting. I’m no sheep.

    It’s crazy to me that people are still clicking around aimlessly, waiting for pages to load and all that crap. It’s so inefficient! No thanks! If a page doesn’t have RSS, I’m not reading it.

    I agree that from the bloggers side it’s not so great, missing pageviews and all that. With pageviews being the currency of the internet, you got me there, it’s bad. But maybe we should work on fixing that problem rather than scrapping the whole RSS idea entirely.