7 responses to “How to create a killer media list to promote your new book”

  1. Louise Malbon-Reddix

    Thank You so Much!!!

  2. Frank Strong

    Hi Michelle, long time since we’ve chatted, but I’ve been reading your posts the last few weeks. Thanks for mentioning of PRWeb and iContact — did you know that both companies are owned by Vocus?

    1. Sandra Beckwith

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for noticing! I’m a fan of PRWeb for a lot of reasons. Be certain to check out my blogpost that explains to authors how to use your services and which package to buy, etc., at http://bit.ly/xKeXfQ. I think the site is probably easy enough for publicists to use but those who don’t do this for a living — including authors — need extra help.

      Sandra Beckwith

  3. Laura Laing

    Perfect, perfect map for this daunting process. I like how things are broken up into smaller pieces. I figure if I take on each piece one step at a time, I can get a really robust list going. Your timing could not have been better. Thanks Sandy and Michelle.

  4. Sandra Beckwith

    Hey Laura, glad to see you here and equally glad to see that the advice is helpful! Whoohoo!


  5. Edward Smith

    Thanks, good job. Edward Smith