5 responses to “6 ways to find paid blogging gigs”

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    […] 6 ways to find paid blogging gigs By Michelle V. Rafter at Wordcount: Good solid advice on pursuing the blog market. […]

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    […] To gain experience to look for paid blogging work. […]

  3. Tiffany C. Wright

    Thank you for the article. I am not a journalist by trade. I am a business owner and advisor who writes to inform my customers – past, current, and prospective – and (primarily) to have an outlet for my thoughts and analysis. As I pursue my other interests and businesses, I thought, “Perhaps I can get paid to provide thoughts and analysis for others.” I found this blog post. The information is very helpful. I especially like the suggestion of finding businesses who could use a blog. For a strategic advisor like me, that can provides a means to engender trust with a client.

  4. susie klein

    Thank you, this is a very helpful and inspiring article. I really need a steady income and will continue to pursue some local businesses for blogging opportunities. This article reminded me of our local dog grooming place that has a bad website that may need my help. Thanks!