5 responses to “Lies, lies, lies, yeah, they’re gonna get you”

  1. Connie

    Oh my- I had listened to the piece about Apple computers- and wow- just swallowed everything…hook, line and sinker. Now I’m reading that it was exposed to be based on some false assumptions.

    I think it is the responsibility of the reporter to double check and triple check their facts- AND the fact they are a journalist means they are ‘supposed to be’ unbiased- inotherwords, to think that the way they slant the facts will meet a great good- already shows they are going into the story with a pre set bias! Of course, all of us have our slants and our personal ideas, but in reporting I think those have to be set aside and just the facts be presented.

    Many decades ago- I took several journalism classes- and wrote on the school newspaper (all seniors had to work on the school newspaper!)– we were drilled with the knowledge that every thing we printed must be factual and not have a slant! That is when I realized I would NEVER make a good journalist- because I tend to ‘sway’ my readers with my own opinions or thoughts– but I still don’t think there should be any room for fabrication.

    on another note- I’m not sure that Kathleen Glanville should have been fired- should not the facts have been double checked before the story went to publication. hmmm…even though she gave false information- the writer/reporter who interviewed her should have double checked those facts.

  2. Kerry Dexter

    as Glanville was being treated a source, not reporting or editing the story herself (if i understand this correctly) what is your thought about her position if she had declined to answer the reporter’s question, or deflected it in some way, leaving the reporter to do his or her own search for facts?

    on another aspect of the facts in any story idea: every story, it seems to me, is a distillation of fact, language, and idea. all the more reason take care with all of those, also a factor to be considered in reading, writing and editing, however.

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