5 responses to “Hot stuff: how freelancers can break into romance writing”

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  2. Liz Fielding

    Excellent advice. Good luck with the new imprint!

  3. Jo Yuen

    Apparently, the romance genre has changed since I wasn’t paying attention!

    The last time I picked up a romance novel was when I was in grade eight – or so I thought. I despised the heroine then, because she allowed her life to be trampled over and run by other people.
    I had no idea that now, the heroines were just as strong and stubborn as the men. Or that the story needed to be strong at all.

    That means all the little stories I’ve been writing really are romances.

    Wow – talk about turning my world on its ear.

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    Nice interesting article!

  5. Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

    Thank you so much Michelle and Jennifer for this informative article.

    I guess my stories are also romances and I have just query Crimson Romance with my latest. It’s contemporary, it’s paranormal and it’s about 50,000 words.

    I hope it’s a good match.