10 responses to “5 lessons for freelancers from the 2012 Oscars”

  1. Daphne Gray-Grant

    Great piece, Michelle! I especially liked the way you compared Jennifer Lopez to link bait. Ouch! But appropriate.

  2. Liz

    Michelle, I love how you are able create learning for writers out of such a variety of activities. These are five important, relevant lessons and what a fabulous way to deliver them post-Oscars.

  3. Leslie Q.

    This is a unique way to look at the Oscars, and you make some good points (especially re: the basics). Nice post.

  4. Jan Udlock

    Oh Michelle,

    Love this post for so many reasons: Age doesn’t matter and love if you find a good thing.

  5. Annette Gendler

    Wonderful how you culled a writer’s slant from the Oscars. It is indeed nice to see that experience and longevity can be rewarded.

  6. Jean Gogolin

    That Angelina is as clueless about how ugly her skeletal leg looks as Rick Santorum is about why the founding fathers separated church and state. The lesson for writers? Not sure I know.

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