6 responses to “What’s in your freelance writing travel bag?”

  1. Carrie Schmeck

    You are going to love the book!!!

  2. Tammy Furey

    Things I cant do without:
    1. Kindle – my whole library on the road. Business books if my brain is working, and nice novels for late at night and my brain is waving the surrender flag!
    2. Chargers and socket adapters (depending on the country). The worse ever was Morocco when the ipod charger broke!
    3. iphone – phone, music, audio books and camera. Sorted.
    4. Yes, I am an old school writer to so:
    a) Moleskin notebook
    b) Loom mechanical pencil 0.7, because for some strange reason I am loving writing in pencil right now?!

  3. EP

    Most definitely never, ever forget the netbook (notebook) charger and the mouse. I’ve forgotten both. This was NOT a good thing.

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