4 responses to “Demand Media to writers: we don’t need you (as much) anymore”

  1. Zachary Fenell

    Recently I shared my thoughts in a blog post (here- http://www.zacharyfenell.com/Blog.html?entry=reaction-to-demand-media-s). I basically said I saw this coming around three months ago and that I’m grateful for my time with Demand Media because my portfolio there allowed me to land other clients.

  2. Geoff

    The problem is that Demand lied to its writers for several months. Instead of admitting this was their plan, whenever writers asked about the dwindling pool of titles, Demand said:

    It’s a glitch.
    It’s a summer slowdown.
    We’re having technical problems.
    We’re short staffed.
    We’ll have more titles soon, just be patient. We love you guys!

    It was all lies, all along. They finally issued a statement when several writers threatened to go public about it. What kind of company could be so despicable as to lie to the very people who helped build its business?