7 responses to “Writing advice from “The Help””

  1. Liz

    Brilliant and timely. I had a similar thought this week — really if I don’t care about something or have a true sense of intrigue, why would I want to write about it? This reminds me that THE HELP is one book I started and it got lost in shuffle. Need to pick it up again!

  2. Patricia Harrelson

    Love the book and like your observation particularly. How cool to notice the writing advice this character offer. I’m often attentive to style and tone and looking for how a writer accomplishes something I like, but this obvious dollop zipped right past me. Also appreciate being reminded that enthusiasm can be contained in a sentence or two.

    Just in case you don’t have a means for tracking how readers get here, I followed the link you posted on your introduction at LinkEds & Writers because I liked the set up and tone of your introduction.

  3. Barbara McDowell Whitt

    Michelle, with your post about “The Help” and its fictional characters talking about writing, you took me down my memory lane, back to two summers of my college years in the 1960s when I was the acting Society Editor (the regular editor wanted those summers off) for the Washington (Iowa) Evening Journal.

    I quickly saw the opportunity, early in the first summer, to write human interest stories in addition to my wedding write-ups, “Local News” items and meeting accounts. They were some of the best writing assignments I ever had, and I gave them to myself. The editor published them all within a week of my turning them in, and usually only a day or two after my submissions.

  4. Karen

    I loved The Help, and love that advice too. I often use that criteria (what’s bothering me?) to decide what to write about, both with my fiction and non-fiction. Writing like that helps me get to the bottom of things as well. It might start out as a bit of a rant, but I know I can’t sell a rant, so I’ll look a little deeper, get a little more analytical and maybe even end up with a thoughtful, insightful piece of writing.