7 responses to “4 steps to creating an online writing group”

  1. Liz

    Thanks for the opportunity to post at WordCount, Michelle. This is another example of how writers have benefited from technology — I wouldn’t have met any of the writers in my group without the Internet. I’m curious to hear if other WordCount readers have online writing groups and what benefits they’ve experienced.

  2. Tia Bach

    I’m inspired, as I often am by Liz. Thanks for the post. I need to start this AND a Women’s Write Night. So much to do. Thanks Michelle, too. I know I’ll find useful tips every single day with a simple click to your blog!

  3. Mary Jo

    fantastic post, Liz! How fun to see how the blog has helped your productivity with writing as well as the quality. “See” you on the Bat Phone ; )

  4. Stacy S. Jensen

    I worked with Wiggio to keep in touch with folks following a writer’s retreat. The group sort of fizzled, but the Wiggio application offers a lot of free options to chat, post, share, etc.

  5. Jane Boursaw

    Thanks for this! I’ve been thinking about creating an entertainment writer’s group and appreciate the info.