16 responses to “Do you blog as you?”

  1. Harry Marks

    I take jabs at a lot of tech pundits, CEOs and general talking heads in the industry. I can be sometimes vulgar, often logical and and I’ve had several other writers try to come after me on their own sites as a result of it. I’m fine with that – if I hold them responsible for their words, it’s only fair they do the same to me.

    My feeling is I own what I write. If I hid behind a pen name (which is fine for some, but not for me), I’d feel like a coward anonymously taking on people who put their names out there and say controversial (and often incompetent) things. I am my words, plain and simple.

    I take responsibility for my words. If I offend or

  2. Mikaela D'Eigh

    The more your real identity is out there, the easier it is to steal it — especially today when a hacker can steal it with such ease and speed. I also sometimes write about travels I take or personal things that could tip someone off that I’m not home, etc.

    I also had a case of a sibling being stalked by a psychotic ex who threatened to kill everyone in the family — including the cat! So, for me, writing under a pen name equals an extra layer of safety.

    Plus, it’s just cooler than my real name. 😉

  3. Anjuli

    I had never thought of this before- I have always chosen not to use my ‘real’ name in my blogs. I started the blog bhulbhulaiyan – it was, at first, just to chronicle my overland trip from India to England…I was getting older and wanted to have one place where at least a few snippets of that memory were intact. I had not expected anyone to visit the blog- it was more just for me- and I decided to use the name “Anjuli” from the book The Far Pavilions- since my adventure started in India :)…as the blog came to the end of the journey- I had picked up readers and they wanted me to continue with the rest of my travels and experiences and I just continued to write under my chosen name “Anjuli”

    In actual fact, I think almost all my readers do know my real full name- and I have met some of them in person- and others I’ve had contact with other than just via the blog- such as emails and regular letters.

    Most of the people in my daily life know about my blog and do visit it. So I guess in my case- my choice of using an alternate name is just an old habit.

  4. Sonia Lal

    I used a pen name, but it is a writer/reader blog. If I ever get published, that’s the name I want to use.

  5. Barbara McDowell Whitt

    Michelle, I did not marry until I was 29. So much of my identity was in the name McDowell that I changed my name from Barbara Sprunger McDowell to Barbara McDowell Whitt soon after I was married. When I told a woman at the driver’s license bureau I wanted to do so, she argued and argued with me, saying, “You can’t do that.” (She wanted me to be Barbara Sprunger Whitt.) I was determined that I wasn’t going to leave until she agreed to let me be Barbara McDowell Whitt and finally she relented. Fortunately my new name was not a problem for a Social Security agent.

    I’m glad I have used my full name with my blog. I want people who know me as Barbara McDowell to be able to find me.

  6. Rebecca Hamilton

    I write under my AuthorName because all my blogging is writing/book related, so that is the name everyone knows me as. Also, everything I write is either 1) controversial 2) would give my mom a heart attack or 3) both.

  7. Jessica Chapman

    I have two blogs, one for my business Room To Breathe, which has office organizing tips for those of us with “oooh shiny minds,” and my personal blog which I write under my own name.

    The business blog lists me as a contributor. I’ve set it up so I can invite others to guest post. While I do have a certain writing style, I want the readers of the organizing blog (Top of the Pile.info) to understand it may not be me writing all of the time. After all, there is no way one person can possibly know all the geeky organizing stuff in the world!

    On my personal blog, yup, that’s me, and my name along with me and my opinions.

    Jessica Chapman, Founder & Creator

  8. Julie

    I think I originally didn’t use my name in my blog because as a news reporter in my “day” job, our newspaper allows comments after our articles. People who obviously live in my community or close by would make some hateful and even sometimes scary comments occasionally online because they could do so anonymously. I found that to be a bit unnerving because a)I was just covering an event – it wasn’t my personal opinion and b)my name is in the phone book – it’s quite easy to find me. So when I created my first blog and intended to give my personal opinion, I naturally was concerned to put my real name on it. Our online newspaper is proof that there’s some crazy people in this world! My experience so far with blogging is that my concerns have been unwarranted!

  9. Constance

    As an aspiring writer, I read this article with a great deal of interest because it’s a subject I’ve been thinking about lately. While I’m still considering, I have decided to adopt a pseudonym for my WIP (hopefully, there will be more to follow), and I think it makes sense for me to blog under that pseudonym to build an identity across media. Plus, while my writing may not give my mother a heart attack, it’s highly possible having my real name attached to it just might do it.