7 responses to “Blogging tips from the 2011 ASJA writer’s conference”

  1. Marvin

    Thank you for the tips, Michelle. I trust you enjoyed the conference?

  2. Joan Lambert Bailey

    Just catching up on some reading, and wanted to tell you I really found this post useful. I’ve been thinking and talking with people a great deal lately about videos, and am attempting forays into that world. It’s not difficult, but it is a bit of a skill to master. Blogging was/is the same.

    I also liked the idea of blogging with the ‘big fish’, so to speak. That would be great fun, I think, and an interesting challenge.

    My only concern is with Twitter, YouTube, and even my own blog at times is that I’m becoming part of the noise. I often feel overwhelmed with information of all types: high quality, low quality, and everything in-between. And sometimes it feels like just so much buzzing in my brain. How do you avoid that? Or can you? Maybe my noise is someone else’s high quality information?

    1. Kerry Dexter

      one way I’ve worked on this to connect with and write content that serves a really targeted audience, and to maintain that focus across what I do. I also tend (and I’m thinking about going further with this) to post and tweet less frequently than some do .

      Michelle, I’ll be interested to hear you thoughts on Joan’s question. Maybe even in a post?

  3. Barbara McDowell Whitt

    Michelle, thank you for this. Your account of ASJA2011 is wonderful for those of us who weren’t there. Your follow-up commentary in answer to Marvin’s comment tells us more. I
    have been very impressed that you did the hands- on blogging workshop with Ron Doyle – a continent away from where you live – at the same time you were getting the WordCount 2011 Blogathon organized. Not only that, you also had a guest post on Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog, (7 Secrets Every Writer Needs to Know) from your point of view as an editor. You seem to have endless energy.