8 responses to “Stupid PR tricks”

  1. Ruth Seeley

    Perhaps PR firms should start soliciting journalists’ views when doing performance reviews on junior staff who do media relations. I’ve never believed media relations was a ‘junior’ task and was always bemused by the fact that senior folk constantly offload it onto juniors because, frankly, they find it difficult and scary.

  2. Susan Johnston

    I’ve had all of these happen to me, too. However, I think it was more carelessness than maliciousness, so I’m not sure I’d call them “tricks.” More like “mistakes.” Just a few weeks ago, I had a PR person email about a source and when I confirmed the source’s company name and book title, I discovered that the PR person had gotten both of them wrong! These were small, niggling mistakes, not glaring ones, but she really should ask what her client prefers and make sure to use that consistently.

    Another time, a publicist responded to a HARO query offering her Big Name Client. When I responded saying “great, when is Ms. Thang available?” she never got back to me. Lame! Yet another HARO publicist said she could get me the data I needed, and I gave her an artificial deadline. She said she needed more time, but PROMISED she’d deliver what I needed before my real deadline. Then on the appointed date, she emailed me (this is after repeated assurances) and admitted that her company didn’t have the type of information I needed and I had to scramble to find another source. Ridiculous!