4 responses to “Back to school: online journalism training for freelancers”

  1. Julie Sturgeon

    Thank you so kindly for the shout-out, Michelle. You always do such a thorough job of gathering good resources to pass on to journalists.

  2. Don Genova

    Great listings! I would like to add one of my own. For the past few semesters I have been offering an online Food and Travel Writing course through the Writing Centre at the University of British Columbia. My next course starts in early October. In addition to the nuts and bolts of idea generation, query writing and story development, I offer one-to-one feedback on all assignments. All the details you need are here:

  3. Lorie Ham

    Has anyone heard of the London School of Journalism? They have what look like some good distance learning/online classes but want to be sure they are legit before spending money.


    I am a Ghanaian Journalist who has been in practice since 1979.I have had stint with the National Broadcasting Organization,GBC,and some major private broadcasting houses and presently offering hands -on journalism training for interested youth.I would be grateful if my organization CAPIMA,Campaign Against Poverty In The Media And Academia an advocacy body in Ghana could have a training relationship with you.Thank you.