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  1. Susan Weiner

    This is helpful. I didn’t realize that you should label photos.

  2. Writingprincess

    Thanks for the posts. Most bloggers don’t know that they can do simple naming techniques to make their blogs more SE friendly. I usually rip my blog titles straight from trending headlines and topics, a way to cash in on words made valuable just by sheer volume. My blog post on 1Million T-shirts was like that. Style wise I never would have written 1Million T-shirts that way but that’s the way the topic was trending so I used it in my headlines and key words and lo and behold someone found my blog and I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks (regularly). I try to repeat the keyword in the subhead, metatags, alternative text and descriptions and of course page titles. All photos should have alt text and linked. SEO can get pretty technical but there are little things you can do to raise your blog’s profile.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    First of all, thanks again Michelle for the interview opportunity.

    Second, I wanted to compliment @writingprincess for using trending KWs for blog post titles. As long as the posts are relevant to the KWs, it’s a great way to get a nice traffic boost.

    If you’re interested in more SEO tips, be sure to check out my blog for weekly posts about SEO and Internet marketing: http://sporkmarketing.com/blog/


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  5. Sara

    Thanks for the mention, Michelle. And nice interview, too. I just went back and made sure some of my photos have alt tags:) Even when you “know” what to do it can be easy to forget.

  6. Jackie Dishner

    Arghh! I got lazy about labeling my photos, because I take so many and only use mine to avoid copyright concerns. I’ll start labeling again. And rethinking how I use titles. I rarely use subhead, but that’s a good idea as well.

  7. Sean Kinn

    I learn something new about tagging every day. If Google likes one tag per blog post, it must have something to do with their digital substitution efforts. SK

  8. Writingprincess

    Thanks Jason for the compliment. I just saw that. Yes, I used to do SEO for a large global company. As a writer it can get kind of boring but I also happen to be good at it as well because I can make SEO copy still sing and not read like it was written by an autobot. A rare talent I think. 🙂
    On tagging everything – yes it can get a bit tedious but I write my blog like I used to write my daily stories for the newspaper. I do the writing and then everything else afterward. I put all the media (photos and links to videos/or embedded code) in one folder on my desktop and label them with my KW/tag. Once I have the KW tag (which I’ve selected through keyword analysis) I write my blog. I write my blog in HTML mode so its easier to add links/images/video and upload them in their proper order. I usually alternate subheads and media element so writing the subheads are easy because I’ll know they will include the KW. Then I go through each media element and copy and paste a description I’ve already written and KW tags onto the alt text box. I find doing it systematically like that makes it go by quicker and its not so laborious and plus it doesn’t interrupt my flow as a writer. I’d be curious to see how other people tag their blogs and images.

  9. Byron

    Thanks for the helpful article…a lot more useful than all the other re-hashed articles out there!

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  11. Joris


    I see in some SEO reports that they count all words in the titles and have a average length of the title of the whole site.

    Is there a (free) tool to count words in the title, content, the amount of headings (H1, H2 etc.) for the whole website (including the subpages).

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Picreel

    Hello Michelle, I know this comment is late, but don’t you think (or Jason Lancaster, for that matter) tip #1 is a little outdated or at least, not as important as it was back then? For example, Viral Nova uses very long titles (but short permalinks) and they still wound up at or near the top of Search Engines. Most of those titles do not contain their keywords, too, and it is vague. How does that happen? Anyhow, most of the SEO info you got are spot-on. Thanks!