5 responses to “Recommended reading for April 23, 2010”

  1. Bill Lascher

    Great references Michelle.

    As readers of the OJR piece will see, I have very strong opinions about the AP vs. SEO discussion (though I go on something of a tangent in that I don’t really address the AP side of the coin). Meanwhile, I’m prone to fall into the obtuse language trap, though I also appreciate clear, straightforward language (especially when I’m the one doing the editing, hypocrite that I am), so I appreciate the Center for Plain Language reference.

    I’ll note one other intriguing piece that I read today: Lisa Barone’s “The 5 Old Blogging Rules Killing Your Readership.” I don’t know if you accept html in your comments so I’ll just write out the link here: http://outspokenmedia.com/blogging/outdated-blog-rules/. I very much appreciate this take emphasizing lasting value. It was refreshing to see such a perspective from someone in the marketing industry.

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  3. Ovetta Sampson

    Really don’t think the comparison between AP style and SEO is appropriate. SEO is about manipulating the reader for the sake of a search engines. It really has nothing to do with writing clearly. I can instantly tell an article that has been written by an SEO expert as opposed to an article written by a journalist trained in SEO. There’s a MAJOR difference. As a journalist trained in SEO I’ve written upteen articles for link building, link baiting and SEO purposes and to tell you the truth they are much more difficult to write because I use both standard AP style, and combine them with SEO principals. (SEO isn’t a writing style IMHO). But the number one principal a good writer should adhere to no matter what the medium is clarity! Less is more. If following SEO principals can get more J-students to do that then by all means suit them up for SEO training.