2 responses to “Analyze where the year's freelance work came from”

  1. Susan

    You inspired me to calculate my own market breakdown, which I’ll be publishing after the holidays as a “year in review” type post. A little less than half of my income comes from copywriting, which is because those projects tend to come in larger chunks than editorial assignments. Though I share your preference for writing articles, I’ve also found that copywriting offers different creative challenges and has made me more flexible and versatile as a writer. Aside from that, about a quarter of my income came from writing editorial content for websites, and a much smaller % came from print magazines and other sources. Thanks for getting the conversation started!

  2. Michelle Rafter

    Thanks Susan. I’ve done copywriting for 10+ years on a pro bono basis for schools and non profits – it’s the way I volunteer my time & talents to my childrens’ schools and groups they belong to. But I’ve never tried to get any paid gigs. Reading your comments makes me think that maybe I should.