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  1. Verso

    On the one-click upgrade: This did not used to be true, and now you have an option to click the ‘upgrade now’ button, wait a minute or two, and WordPress is at the latest version. As if by magic!

    I think the time spent on it was because this didn’t used to be the way you did it, and adding a plugin or a theme used to be a lot harder too. I don’t remember when it changed, but it is recent and WONDERFUL.

  2. Adam Ware

    Great post Michelle. I commented a bit on Matt’s talk on our blog: http://www.swellpath.com/2009/09/takeaways-from-wordcamp-portland/

    I was so impressed with Matt and that session. What an amazing guy, and what a contribution he has made to the web.

  3. Owen

    Michelle – the one click upgrade is great but even better is the one click add a new plugin and add a new theme.

    For those who can’t afford designers etc. I highly recommend a theme called atahualpa – it is customizable without knowing html or CSS. (Although it is still quite a lot of reading to understand all the options). I just started moving my publishing site to it today and expect to have it done by Monday.

    There are a whole host of plugins that are really useful for various reasons as well

  4. lvidmar

    Great post, and thanks for the pingback! :-)

  5. Michelle Rafter

    Thanks – I knew if I threw this out there somebody would know. I just didn’t realize I’d get an answer so quickly.

    Really sorry to have missed this but had a conflict that took precedent. Hoping to be there next year.


  6. Michelle Rafter

    Amazing indeed. Talk about being at the right place at the right time, he was, and still is. For all the talk about blogging being eclipsed by Twitter etc., I think WordPress and companies like Automattic are here for the duration. They’re the printing presses of the 21st century.


  7. Michelle Rafter

    Thanks – I took a peek. Looks good, can’t wait to see your site when it’s finished.


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