4 responses to “WordCount media business roundup for week of Feb. 27”

  1. Walter L. Johnson II

    No surprise as to what’s the top story in the news business this week: the closing of the Rocky Mountain News. Sadly, it probably won’t be the last major (or minor) daily newspaper to close its doors for good. Any questions or comments?

  2. Kerry Dexter

    I’d be interested in your perspective on Helium.

  3. Michelle Rafter

    Kerry: Freelance message boards are buzzing over the pros & cons of writing for Web content shops like Helium. I’m planning to address this in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.


  4. Michelle Rafter

    Walter: Unfortunately I have to agree with you. The Seattle PI is on its last legs with lots of discussion whether or not the owners will turn it into an online only paper – that would be an exciting breakthrough for online news but I’m not sure the financials pencil out. Hearst has said they need to cut 47 percent of the SF Chronicle’s staff to keep the doors open, who knows if they can do that and continue to put out a decent product – that’s probably why they did the deal with Helium.


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